Our services

Balance and fall prevention programs:

If you are experiencing decreased balance during daily activities or have a history of falls, you may benefit from physical therapy. Improving balance will prevent future falls and injuries related to falls. We will assess your strength, mobility, balance and endurance to assess if you are a fall risk. We will provide you with education on fall risks as well as develop a physical therapy program to work toward the goal of preventing future falls.

Post surgical rehabilitation:

We work closely with your physician after surgery to provide a physical therapy program per your physician’s orders or protocol. We strive to assist you with meeting your individual goals after surgery.

Sports Medicine:

Every athlete is treated as an individual with a therapy program that is specifically tailored to allow them to return to their specific sport. We provide treatment for all athletes including high school, college and professional athletes as well as the backyard athlete.

Vestibular Rehabilitation:

Patients who have been diagnosed with a vestibular dysfunction can benefit from physical therapy. Symptoms may include dizziness, nausea, decreased vision or hearing, headaches and decreased balance. We can work with you to help decrease these symptoms and allow you to return to daily function with decreased complaints.

Developing Home Exercise Program:

We will develop a personalized home exercise program that is unique to your complaints and symptoms. Your home exercises program will be designed to specifically meet your needs taking into account your resources you have available at your home.

Work Conditioning:

Work conditioning programs are provided for patients who need to return to their previous employment after a work related injury. These programs included strengthening, conditioning and work specific activities and exercises that will help them return to their job.

General Strength and Conditioning:

Patients often need general strength and conditioning after hospitalizations, surgeries or sickness. Due to decreased activity, you will often have a decrease in strength and endurance that will lead to decreased function with daily activities.

Manual therapy including Joint and Soft Tissue Mobilizations:

All of our therapists are trained and licensed to provide joint or soft tissue mobilizations to areas of the body. These mobilizations assist in decreasing pain and improving range of motion to the spine or extremities.

Physical Therapy modalities:

Modalities provided at our clinic include heat therapy, cryotherapy, cold compression therapy, ultrasound, iontophoresis, cervical and lumbar traction, etc.

Pelvic Pain Rehabilitation:

Many women suffer from pelvic pain. Our specially trained Physical Therapist can work with you to strengthen weak muscles, relax tight tissues, correct poor postures and address your pain. We treat women who may be experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain or prenatal and post partum pain. We will develop an individualized home exercise program that will provide you with specific exercises aimed to maximize your functional level.

Physical Therapy for Incontinence:

If you suffer from a little leak when you laugh, sneeze or lift (Stress Incontinence) or if you have strong frequent urges (Urge Incontinence) to run to the restroom our Women’s Health Physical Therapist can help change those symptoms. After her evaluation she may instruct you in strengthening exercises called “Kegels” for weak pelvic floor muscles work on correct lifting techniques and have a discussion on using a bladder diary and avoidance of bladder irritants.

Women’s Health Services:

Our Women’s Health Physical Therapist has experience and advanced training with treating women with Osteoporosis, Prenatal and Postpartum Pain and Sacroiliac (SI) Dysfunctions. She will incorporate manual treatment approaches, postural strengthening exercises and modalities all to meet your individual needs.

Dry Needling

Dry needling uses a small needle to insert into a trigger point in a muscle. It works by targeting the knots in the muscle fibers, which tend to be the source of discomfort or restricted movement. This treatment involves pushing the extremely thin needle into the painful muscle to release the tension and relieve the pain. We have certified therapists who can provide this service alongside other physical therapy services

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is the practice of performing the exercises of physical therapy in the water. Performing these activities in the water can be beneficial for patients who find the exercises on land hard on their joints. The buoyancy of water supports the patients’ weight, allowing much of the tension that would normally be felt to be relieved.

Graston Technique

Graston Technique in now offered in our Fort Mill facility.
visit http://www.grastontechnique.com for more information

Aquatic therapy now at our Rock Hill facility